Beginner’s Course:  is fixed on vocabulary and grammar by doing many exercises. The students learn to communicate effectively in three months. They will be able to ask for information, show people the way, talk about their work, etc.


Intermediate Course: is used for conversation about a variety of topics. We also concentrate entirely on grammar and questions the students might have .


Conversation Course:  In this course, we entirely concentrate on conversation. This course is suitable for anyone who is a fluent speaker of the language. Through  discussions about a variety of topics ( e.g. politics, topical subjects, newspaper, news etc), the students keep up with changes in the language and will add to their vocabulary .


Efficient:  The language taught is spoken in the class. Reading and writing is taught through easy exercises (homework) . Attention is paid to grammar and pronunciation.


One on One lessons can be given at the language center, at your home or in the office .