Sonia Meijer’s Charity: Asilo Narcisa Castillo (El Salvador)  100 years of existence!


Sonia Meijer’s Charity

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Asilo Narcisa Castillo provides assisted living and nursing services for up to 125 of El Salvador’s  elderly men and women. With minimal government funding provided by the national Ministry of Health and Social Assistance; together with oversight by professional medical personnel; combined with support from a team of dedicated volunteers and charity from the Franciscan Sisters; the Asilo is able to carry out her mission. As an officially registered non profit charitable organization, Asilo Narcisa Castillo provides care for the most vulnerable citizens amongst the country’s elderly population. Sadly most of Asilo’s residents lack facilities to support them and in some cases, they’ve been rescued from the streets.


Today the Asilo situation is both precarious and worrisome. Immediate urgent needs include: bathrooms with running water; hospital beds; mattresses and sheets; laundry appliances; medicines and medical supplies; dairy products; vitamins and more.


100% of all donations collected from our current fundraising drive will be used to purchase and install a new cistern and hot water system to enable the home’s residents to be bathed in comfort. Of course, any and all additional funds that one may feel inspired to donate will be most appreciated. Visit the Asilo’s website for updates on the cistern and hot water project.


We must never forget:

” Today the old man was young yesterday ” and

The youth of today will be the old man of tomorrow “



Sonia Meijer’s Charity

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Sonia Meijer’s Charity

Sonia Meijer (Owner of DLC) with Wife of the Ambassador of El Salvador and Wife of the Ambassador of Vietnam.



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