Republic OF EL SALVADOR to the Kingdom of the Netherlands when El Salvador
became a New State Party to the Rome State, 2 June 2016. Ceremony was held by the President of the ICC Judge Silvia Alejandra Fernández de Gurmendi ( Argentina )



The Opening of the LATIN AMERICAN AMBASSADOR’s TABLE by ME , 27 May 2016 at Literature Societeit de Witte  Authorities , Members of the Club and friends were invited
and all the Latin American Ambassadors were present .






With the Owner of ELZA ‘s Holding on the day of the OPENING OF MY TABLE at the Witte .



With Ambassdor of COLOMBIA at the Opening of My table at De Witte






At a dinner event organized by the ONL Organization where Ex-Prime Minister
Mr. Peter J. Balkenende was the speaker . Parlamentarians, Embassies and
many other important companies were present on 9 April 2016 at location



With the Ambassador of Portugal al the  highlight  ONL Dinner Event at Hofvijver



With the Ambassador of INDIA at the  highlight   dinner offered by ONL






With the Ambassador of ISRAEL at the ONL dinner



At the Hilton Hotel with Cabaretier RAYMANN JORGEN , event offer by the
Embassy of Rwanda 8 April 2016



At the Carlton Ambassador Hotel with H.E. Aida de Escobar  Ambassador of El Salvador , Manager of the  Hotel , at  “EL SALVADOR’s  MEET & GREET ”  and my first function as HONORARY CONSUL of the Replublic of El Salvador to the Kingdom of the Netherlands .



At El Salvador’s  Meet & Greet at the Carlton Ambassador Hotel with My Ambassador and Ambassador of India and his Wife.






At the Reception of the Embassy of the Dominican Republic with my Ambassador and the Vice-Consul of my country February 27 , 2016



At an Exhibiton and Celebration  at the Landgoed Duin en Kruidberg ; event which takes place  worldwide on the same day .



 With Apostolisch diplomat Aldo Cavalli appointed by the Pope Johannes Paulus II .



At a Reception in the Crowne Plaza Promenade Hotel , with Ambassador’s in
this photo , enjoying wonderful moments of this Reception of five Embassies .



The 4 Central American Republics were invited to celebrate their 193rd Independence Day on the 22 of September 2014. Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Costa Rica hosted all their VIPs, Diplomats, International Judges, Business Relations and dear friends to this magnificent reception which took place at the Crowne Plaza Den Haag Promenade.


From left to right: Mrs Adrienne de PVillalta, wife of the Ambassador of El Salvador, Mrs . Sonia Meijer, Owner of Direct Languages Center and Mrs. Beatriz de Lemcke, wife of the Ambassador of Guatemala.





Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya Ambassador’s hosted on the 11th of September a meet & greet at the Carlton Ambassador Hotel. The three Ambassador’s were delighted to share their culture with us, talk about their latest visa regulation and to tell all the beautiful reasons of why we should travel to their lovely countries .


From Left to right: H.E. Mr. Jean Pierre Karanbaranga, Ambassador of Rwanda, Sonia Meijer (owner of DLC) and H.E. Dr. Jorge Lemcke, Ambassador of Guatemala.






The Second Diplomat Excursion to Ijmuiden and Haarlem started with the welcoming by the Mayor of Velson, Mr. Franc Weerwind who talked about the plans for the coming years; to allow bigger tankers and cruise ships into the Harbor of Amsterdam.Afterwards we went to Duin & Kruidberg Castle Country Estate where we were received with a 5 star reception. The Castle is 105 years old and it is the largest private home of the Netherlands of the 19th century, converted nowadays into a 5 star hotel with the restaurant  “De Vrienden van Jacobs ” .


At the luncheon Drs. T.J.P.J. Talms; The Deputy Commissioner of the King for Regional Planning joined the Diplomat Group for lunch. It was a wonderful trip as we learned much about the Renaissance architecture of the 1603 century etc.

BW bus excursion selectie 5

Photo of all the participants to the Second Diplotour of which Sonia Meijer, Direct Languages Center was the Coordinator .




On 01 July,it was an exceptional event, the very first National Day of Burundi and the opening of a new diplomat mission of Burundi in The Hague. Her Excellency Ms. Vestine Nahimana is the new accredited Ambassador. Sonia Meijer (Direct Languages Center) was one of the many distinguished guests to this special occasion.





On Friday 27 June, Diplomat Magazine had the great pleasure of celebrating its first anniversary at the Carlton Ambassador Hotel in The Hague. 22 ambassadors, diplomats, photographers, Judges, Cabinet of Sint Maarten and Direct Languages Center owner Sonia Meijer was amongst them.


Sonia Meijer (owner DLC) together with the Ambassador of the Republic of Kenya: Excellency Rose Makena Muchiri.


Sonia Meijer with the Vice President of the IWC, a friend and the Ambassador of the Republic of Kenya.



On 14 June , 2014 Direct Languages Center was one of the many Sponsors to The Hague Animal Dogs and Cats Shelter. It was wonderful to see how many potential Sponsors were gathered to support the event, which tool place at Paleisstraat 8, in The Hague Paleis Church . Every euro spent at the benefit will make a huge difference to the Shelter. If you are an animal lover, contact the “Stichting Haags Dierencentrum” for a donation , or participate next year in this wonderful event as this will contribute to their effort to replace and update runs and kennels for the dogs and cats .



On Saturday 10 May, 45 diplomats, amongst them four head of diplomatic missions and their family and friends,visited the province of Zealand, heading directly to the Deltaworks. Here Mr. Van de Hoef, Director of the installations, was expecting his diplomatic guests and companions for a VIP guided tour. Later on heading to Middelburg, the capital of the province of Zealand, everyone was received by the Mayor of Middelburg Mr. Bergmann in the spectacular historical City Hall with a warm speech and a tour of the building by a professor from the Roosevelt Academy and a goodies bag with free souvenirs.  It was a privilege for DLC to be the English-Spanish translator on this day for all the VIPs.


Mr. Bergmann, Mayor of Middelburg and Sonia Meijer – exchanging some information regarding the visit to Middelburg.


At the opening of Eva Art Productions Foundation of the International Lustrum Exposition of the Sculpture Garden 2014 at Duin & Kruidberg Country Estate, the most beautiful English Landscape known as the 19th century dutch landscape designed by Leonard Antonij Springer. The Castle is well known for a four star hotel. This year the Sculpture Garden was graced by artists from five countries:England, Guatemala, Switzerland, Germany and The Netherlands. IR. Cornelis Jacob Vriesman, former director of the ABN AMRO Bank and Mayor of Haarlem did the opening on May 8 , 2014. The opening was supported by: Segno d’ Arte, Diplomat Magazine, L’Extreem Graphic Design and Roll-Royce Motor Cars Eindhoven.



Sonia Meijer attending the special invitation of the 6 Embassies -Indonesia, Malaysia, The Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. They all gathered on the occasion of the 24th ASEAN Summit in Nay Pyi Taw Myanmar in May 2014.



It was my turn to organize the Culinary Odyssey Luncheon for the International Women’s. After been on the Board in 2009 , in spite of my very busy life within my Language Institute Direct Languages Center, I still remain a member at the IWC due to the so many wonderful activities the Club has. The Culinary Odyssey Committee is to savor the delights of the best restaurants in The Hague, and what better than Impero Romano, where the food and the personal are excellent . At the Luncheon we had the chance to talk with all our fellow members and get to know each other more. I was also happy to have at this luncheon friends who enjoy to come to the IWC, among them were these distinguished ladies : wives of the Ambassador of El Salvador, of Guatemala and Mexico and one special new guest, Dr.Mayelienne Lara, wife of Dr. Eugenio Matos G, Minister Counselor at the Embassy of the Dominican Republic and Honorary Associate Publisher of Diplomat Magazine. Last but not least like Philosopher Hipócraes said “Let food be the nutrition and your Medicine”.



On the occasion of the “International Women’s Day”, members of the “International Women Contact The Hague” were guests of the Cuban Ambassador in the Netherlands, H.E. Ms Zelmys Maria Dominguez Cortina. They were invited to find out more about the status of women in the Cuban society and the role Cuba plays in defending women’s rights and interests worldwide. Sonia Meijer was present in this event due to her  interest in the latin women’s role now a days.



Embassy of Dominican Republic Meet & Greet April, 2014



Direct Languages Center owned by Sonia Meijer was part of the Sculpture New Year’s Brunch, which took place on Sunday 20 January 2013 at the Castle Duin & Kruidberg organized by Drs. Eva Mennes. This New Year’s Reception was very special because the celebrations took place at the same time in 20 different countries, and were seen via satellite tv. In this wonderful event many people from the artist world, diplomats and friends of Drs. Mennes were delighted to share nice moments and enjoy the famous musical star, Chaira Borderslee.


Photo Credit : Ms. Nané Lagerwey , excellent photographer and Golf teacher.


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Direct Languages Center was present at the Vakantie Beurs in Utrecht on 8 Janaury 2013. Important businesses and Embassies were present at this unique event. Sonia Meijer, the owner of DLC was a VIP on this day. The Embassador of El Salvador (Sonia’s country as well) and his lovely wife were also part of the Business world which can be seen in the photo with Sonia. From 9 January till 12 Janaury 2013 the Fair was open to the public.


About DLC


Sonia Meijer attending and doing her PR at Officers function at the United Nations Lions Day 2012, hosted at the OPCW. On behalf of the Local authority, Alderman Marjolein de Jong welcomed the participants. Representative of the OPCW Mr. Pieter J.P. de Savorin Lohman talked about the relationship of the Netherlands with the OPCW. Dr. Otto Spijkers, university docent in International Public Law and others were part of the United Nations Lions Day as well.

Sonia with the District Governor Paul Zijlstra, talking about the her work as a PR Officer.


Sonia Meijer doing her PR work. Sonia is pleased to show some of her peers and the Ambassador of her country and his wife how every Club celebrates and organize their activities. They are all different but every club has it own beauty and we all learn from each other’s wonderful ideas. Sonia has many clients from the Spanish Club and she is happy that the Club always comes to DLC for courses.

Spanish Club


Direct Languages Center (Sonia Meijer) at the Unique New Years Dinner Concert with the three famous Tenors: Arwin Kluft, Mario Veltman en Robbert Besselaar. Three singers who have already achieved fame in Operas, Musicals, Shows, as well as in the pop world. A perfect combination ensuring an elegant, sensational and touching performance. Their repertoire is magnificent and conquers the hearts of millions, supplemented by a contemporary programme. The event tookplace: Friday 27 January 2012 at the Castle the Wittenburg in Wassenaar.





Direct Languages Center was part of the enjoyable Christmas Event at Sligro 8 December, 2011. It was a wonderful day to network, see the various products by Sligro, taste the culinary specialities of the 6 top chefs, listen to nice music, and of course to witness the wonderful and professional approach of the Director of Sligro Wim van Wijk. DLC was very happy to have been part of this event. It is not everyday that we have the opportunity to work having so much fun like this day where we could eat, meet lots of people to make business, listen to music and in the end go home with a gift.


The opening of the Exhibition of the Wassenaarse Duinen of Artists was performed by Marijke Kinkelder, curator of Ancient. The event took place at the Landgoed Kasteel de Wittenburg 6 december, 2011.

Sonia Meijer (owner of Direct Languages Center); Drs. Eva M. Mennes (from Eva Art Productions Foundations); Ralf Meppelder (Director of Kasteel de Wittenburtg) and Artist Dons van Deppe


At the Reception of Embassy of Vietnam doing PR for Direct Languages Center.




DLC at the Netherlands Council for Trade Promotion. After the conference, all the Businesses attended a Reception where DLC had the opportunity to be part of this important Network.


Mr. Gerard Vaandrager, General Director of Nederlands Centrum voor Handelsbevordering.



Mr. Johan Schrijveer, General Director of Atradius Dutch State Business.





DLC was present at the Reception of the Tunisian Embassy. The event took place at the Kurhaus Hotel in Scheveningen. Chazia Mourali, the famous presenter of some dutch TV Programmes was the presenter to this exclusive evening . The Ambassador and his wife hosted over 100 important people, Vips and friends who had the opportunity to taste Tunisian delicious culinair, to see traditional costumes of Tunisia and dances. The Reception was from 19:00 till midnight, it was wonderful and special . DLC was very fortunate to be part of this exclusive day.


Photo of Sonia Meijer (Owner DLC) with Chazia Mourali.


The concert of the famous Carel Kraayenhof (the dutch master of the Tango music press and his sexteto Canyengue) took place at the Castle Wittenburg in Wassenaar. In the pause Sonia Meijer (Owner DLC) and his Excellency the Ambassador of Rwanda Mrs. Immaculee Uwanyiligira had the opportunity to have a glass of Champagne Laurent Perrier, before an expatacular dinner with the Chef-kok Jan Willem Rietveld was served. With much success once more Direct Languages Center was present doing excellent PR for her business.




Sonia Meijer was at the White House Luncheon and at the Who’s the President at the Kurhaus in Scheveningen.

PR   PR   PR

Sonia Meijer (owner DLC) with Mr. Willem Post, expert on U.S. politics, foreign policy, society, history and media commentator.





DLC  was part of the grand day at the International Women’s Contact, The Hague (IWC). She is a member of this club and has been on the Board as a PR Officer, one of Sonia’s  strong abilities which is to be seen in all she does, especially in her own business. The Ambassador of El Salvador gave  a presentation, illustrated with pictures, examples of art and brief portrayals of influential personalities from El Salvador. He fascinated  his audience and triggered interest to learn more about  this part of the world. After the lecture the guests enjoyed the performance of Luis Bautista who played well known melodies from Central and South America. He is a talented musician, graduated from National University of Columbia and Lynn University Florida. Courtesy of IWC member Sonia Meijer (Owner of DLC); offered a wonderful selection of typical “tapas of El Salvador “.