At Direct Languages Center on Koningin Julianaplein 10, The Hague, a diverse range of Language courses are available for people from all walks of life.


I founded the institute in 1996. We are specialized in courses in 6 languages.  More than 10 thousand students have studied at my Institute. I am proud that after 15 years, the best publicity I have had is the: Word of Mouth.


I have spent copious amounts of time and energy into building my business into what it is today. Inspite of recessions and the various ups and downs in the economy, Direct Languages Center has remained fruitful.


 The clientele who choose to study through DLC are very well proportioned and divided. It is not focused on a specific group of people, I try to remain diverse. The time I spend on PR is very productive.


I have a very good staff of teachers who have been working for me for years, this is also of great benefit to the Institute.


DLC offers a small but essential integration course into the dutch society. Languages live, which is why they are continuously changing. We have to actualize ourselves to the new methods available.


I would like to extend a warm welcome to everyone to discover the diverse languages available at DLC  to suit the need of each valued client. Courses are well priced to suit any budget and a proof lesson is also possible for those who would like to sample a course firsthand.


Should you wish to find out more about DLC, please contact Sonia Meijer on 0613798906


 “Children being taught at DLC Location by teachers Sonia Meijer and Francoise Bol Von-Stein “


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Children Tutoring DLC


Children Tutoring DLC


Children Tutoring DLC


Children Tutoring DLC


Spanish Course DLC

Photo with the Ambassador of the Philippines giving his testimonial
about his Spanish Course taught by Sonia Meijer