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About Me

Sonia Meijer


I was born in El Salvador (Central America). I studied at the American School.


I owned a boutique at the Sheraton Hotel. I was chosen as one of the 15 most outstanding women of the year for excellent performance in business and other activities.


I won a scholarship to study at a prestigious school in Michigan, in the USA. After finishing my studies in Michigan, I again won a scholarship to study in Brazil at a private university “Pontificie Universidade Catolica” (PUC), from where I graduated as a Translator/Interpreter.


I also represented my country in Brazil as a diplomat among many other countries. But I stayed in Brazil for many years and very quickly it became my second country.


I am married to a Dutchman since 08 January 1996. In Holland, I taught at two universities and in the year 1996, I set up my Languages Institute: Direct Languages Center.


I have a diversified clientele: Embassies, International Organizations, Children, Au-pairs, among others.


We teach 6 languages. I myself speak 3 languages and at the moment I am studying Dutch and French.


Activities in my spare time are: dancing salsa, travelling, reading Gabriel Garcia Marquez “One Hundred Years of Solitude”, sports, going to operas (my favourite one is “The Lady of the Camellias” written by Alejandro Dumas junior), oil and charcoal paintings and piano (Bach).


I admire the organization in Holland, the logical way of thinking,and the fact that the Dutch people are very humanitarian. I like Holland and feel at home!




Primary School : American School , La Lima Honduras


Secondary School : American School , San Salvador , El Salvador Kingswood School Cranbrook , Michigan (Private School)


Higher Education : University of El Salvador , areas comunes (one year); University of Brasil , “Pontificie Universidade Catolica ” (PUC); Graduated as a ” Translator – Interpreter ” (4 years)


Languages : English , Portuguese , Dutch, (sufficient), my mother tongue is Spanish.


Click here to read about the Social Organizations I am a part of.


Sonia Meijer

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